AterlierVFX is a creative visual effects and animation company with bases in the UK and France. We work on high end feature film and television content, from across the globe. AtelierVFX can get involved in all aspects of the creative film making process, and some of our areas of expertise can be found below

Atelier Productions is the creative production arm of Atelier, and is there to help support projects in their infancy, particularly at the early pitching, costing and script stages. The key collaborative duo consist of Ian House and Andy Morley, who met at university nearly 30 years ago. Atelier Productions is also the umbrella for it’s own creative IP projects.

Early Concept and Design

Every TV and film show, episodic or not, starts way before filming is even thought about – at the narrative – the most important stage for the basis of a fabulous end product. AtelierVFX likes to get involved as early as possible, to work alongside the key creative teams.

Character and Creature Development

This can be from classic concept artists work, to exploratory motion and performance captured pieces – thoughts and ideas that can work closely with the script, art department and editorial side of things. Many output formats exist here – images, real-time, rendered pieces – whatever is needed to help the various stages of the show – this can also involve the pitching stage of things.

Senior Supervisor Loan Out

If there is specific support needed at a post house directly, or to join a production’s vfx and art existing departments, please get in touch. All of our supervisors and senior crew regularly are ‘loaned out’ if the project is the right fit. This is normally remote, but potentially can be onsite as well.

VFX Post Production Services

With an incredibly globally experienced team of VFX artists, covering all disciplines, creating cutting edge visual effects forms the backbone of AtelierVFX’s projects. From the simplest digital matte painting addition to a period drama, to fully computer generated creatures in a far flung universe, we are keen to get involved in those projects that are just fun and cool to collaborate on.

Please contact us with questions and for more information