Privacy policy

AtelierVFX (the “Company”) is committed to safeguarding the privacy of Personal Information and strives to collect, use and disclose Personal Information in a manner consistent with applicable laws.

What is Personal Information?

In this policy, “Personal Information” means any information or set of information about an identifiable individual, but does not include:

  • contact information; or
  • information prepared or collected by an employee as part of the individual’s work responsibilities or activities related to the individual’s employment or business.

Personal Information includes “Employee Personal Information”, which is personal information about an individual that is collected, used or disclosed solely for the purposes reasonably required to establish, manage or terminate an employment relationship between the organization and that individual, but does not include personal information that is not about an individual’s employment.

Why Does the Company Collect Personal information?

The Company may collect, use and disclose Personal Information for purposes including, but not limited to:

  • Establishing the employment relationship.
  • Carrying out human resources’ functions such as training, administering employee contracts, evaluating employees, implementing employment-related actions and obligations and providing employment benefits and related information.
  • Administering compensation, bonus and benefits plans and other employment matters.
  • Enabling the Company to maintain building security and employee security, health and safety.
  • Complying with the Company’s legal obligations, policies and procedures; and regulatory compliance and auditing purposes.

Examples of types of Personal Information that the Company may collect includes, but is not limited to, the following information for the purpose of establishing, managing or terminating an employment relationship:

  • name, home address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, emergency contacts;
  • residency and work permit status;
  • banking details, social insurance number or other taxpayer identification number required for payroll purposes;
  • pensions, insurance, disability leave and other benefits information;
  • work history, education and technical skills, professional certifications and registrations, language capabilities, training courses attended;
  • records of attendance and absences, vacation entitlement and requests, salary history, performance appraisals, letters of appreciation and commendation, and disciplinary records;
  • acknowledgements regarding Company policies, including ethics and/or security policies and acceptable usage policies;
  • information captured on security systems, including key card entry systems;
  • any Personal Information contained within voicemails, e-mails, correspondence and other communications created, stored or transmitted by an employee using the Company’s computer or communications equipment;
  • date of resignation or termination, reason for resignation or termination, information relating to administering termination of employment.

Subject at all times to your consent, the Company may also collect, use or disclose your photo or likeness and other Personal Information in connection with the promotion of the Company and its work products, for example in Company website biographies, pictures, informational videos, print-advertisements and brochures.

The Company normally collects Personal Information directly from its employees, but may collect employee’s Personal Information from third parties as authorized by law.

Limits on Collection, Use and Disclosure

The Company will only collect, use or disclose Personal Information for the purposes it was collected, or as required or authorized by law. If the Company wishes to use or disclose your Personal Information for any new purpose, the Company will advise you or request consent, as required by law.

If the Company discloses Personal Information outside the organization to carry out the purposes for which it was collected (for example, to a group benefits plan provider), it will obtain assurances from such parties that they will safeguard Personal Information in a manner consistent with PIPA and this policy.


The Company shall obtain consent to collect, use or disclose Personal Information unless it is legally authorized or required by law to do so without consent.

PIPA allows the Company to collect, use or disclose Employee Personal Information without consent if it is reasonable for the purposes of establishing, managing or terminating the employment relationship.

Consent may be given orally, electronically or in writing, and may be express or implied depending on the nature and sensitivity of the Personal Information. Consent is implied when the purpose for collecting, using or disclosing information is obvious and the Personal Information is provided for that purpose.

By submitting your Personal Information to us, you have consented to our use and disclosure of the Personal Information for the purposes as outlined in this policy or as may be communicated to you at the time it is collected.

You may withdraw your consent to the use and disclosure of Personal Information at any time by giving the Company reasonable written notice, unless the Personal Information is necessary for the Company to fulfill its legal obligations. A notification that we not use or disclose your Personal Information for certain purposes may affect our ability to provide you with benefits or manage your employment.

Please note that from time to time, we may be compelled to release Personal Information as required or permitted by law.

Retention of Personal Information

It requires the Company to keep Personal Information used to make a decision that directly affects an individual for at least one year after the decision.

Subject to this, the Company will retain your Personal Information only for so long as is necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected. It will be destroyed once it is no longer needed and once all requirements at law have been met.

Protection of Personal Information

Safeguards, security systems and processes are in place to protect your information against unauthorized access, disclosure, use, or modification, whether on-site or off-site.

Human resource files as well as information regarding payroll and benefits coverage is accessible to those Company individuals who have been designated with such authority and only to the extent necessary to accomplish the objectives described above, or to the Company’s relevant benefits and/or payroll providers. All personal employee/contractor information maintained within the Company is centrally located and is maintained secure and confidential. All personal information provided to the Company’s benefits and/or payroll providers is disclosed only upon assurances that those providers maintain similar standards of personal information protection.

Secure methods are used whenever Personal Information is destroyed.

How Can You Assure Your Personal Information is Accurate?

The Company will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your Personal Information is accurate and complete.

Please ensure that changes to your Personal Information (e.g. address, telephone number, social insurance number, banking information for the purpose of direct deposit, etc.) are communicated to us.

Your Personal Information is accessible to you, subject to exceptions provided by law, and you may request that any errors or omissions regarding your Personal Information be corrected. A request for access to your Personal Information may be made in writing by contacting:

Our Website

Each time you visit our website, we gather the date, time, browser type, name of visitor’s internet service provider, the site that referred the visitor to us, any pages that are requested, the navigation history and IP address of the visitor. The foregoing information does not generally contain anything that can identify users personally. We use this information for our internal audit log and system administration, and to gather broad demographic information about our user base. This information may be shared with third parties in order to provide services for aggregate use.

If you object to this gathering of information, you should not use or access our web pages.

Our website may employ the use of “cookies”. A “cookie” is a small line of data that is sent to your Internet browner from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies can track how and when you use a site. A cookie does not damage your system and identifies your browser, not you personally. If you do not wish to receive a cookie, use the options in your web browser.

Script Submissions & Unsolicited Materials

We do not accept, read, consider or review, any Unsolicited Materials – literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works of any kind including but not limited to ideas, concepts, stories, characters, screenplays, teleplays, synopses, treatments, artwork, drawings, designs, musical compositions, software programs, video or audio reels, or any similar works.

Any Unsolicited Materials received by Image Engine are deemed non-confidential and Image Engine assumes no liability, obligation or responsibility of any nature whatsoever in respect of them.  We ask that you not send us any Unsolicited Materials.

If you would like to pitch an idea, you should contact the Cinesite group’s IP production partner Aniventure, at

Contact Information of Privacy Officer

Please submit questions or comments regarding this Policy or the Company’s practices concerning Personal Information to:

Who Should You Contact If You Have Questions or Concerns About This Policy?

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, or should you wish to review your personal information, please contact